3 Tips on how to live a more mindful life| How to unplug from Technology

3 Tips on how to live a more mindful life| How to unplug from Technology

What does it mean to unplug?

The idea of unplugging is to take time away from all electronics and other technologies. The goal is to disconnect from social media, game apps and any other distractions. It is not just about turning off your phone or TV, but instead about making the conscious decision to be more mindful during screen time.

3 steps to unplug from technology and live a more mindful life.

Reduce Tech 10% of the time.

If you suddenly stop using technology, you might be shocked at how much you actually miss it. First, you should track how much time you spend on technology (social media, texting, work email, games, etc). Afterwards, try to reduce your consumption by 10%. Take notes on how you feel... maybe try to reduce by another 10%

Turn off Phone Notifications

It's hard to ignore emails and social media alerts. You may think your employer emailed you or someone has commented on your facebook status. These distractions suck your energy and focus. Find healthy activities to fill up the time you'll be freeing up without technological distractions.

Technology Free-Zones

Choose a location for you and your family to congregate or relax after a long day. In shared spaces, establish digital-free zones. For example, the dining room or kitchen should be devoid of telephones, televisions and any other technology gadgets. Maintaining accountability is, in fact, the most challenging component of the process.


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