Moving to the Kawartha Lakes

Moving to the Kawartha Lakes

Moving to Kawartha Lakes?

You are making the right choice!

The Kawarthas are known for their unique communities, clean lakes (over 250) and landmarks. The scenic roads and waterways in Kawartha Lakes connect you to our charming towns and villages.  Discover what makes each of them unique while you explore, shop, dine and experience year-round events and entertainment. 

Unique Communities





-Burnt River




-Fenelon Falls






-Victoria Road



-Little Britain







Wow! That is a lot of communities/towns. We’ve written this blog to help you narrow down the best place for you, if you decide that moving to the Kawartha Lakes is the right choice for you. These are important considerations to take note of.


The town of Lindsay offers a delightful variety of experiences including theater, festivals, historic sites, museums, artisan studios as well as streets lined with locally-owned shops, galleries, and restaurants. 

Lindsay is a small town that comes with a lot of history.

Hosting "Classics on Kent" - a classic car show in July.

Olympia Restaurant, Café & Bar has been a landmark in Lindsay for over 100 years. This is your destination for great Mediterranean cuisine.

During the summer months Lindsay hosts free "concerts in the park" at the Frank Banks Gazebo in Victoria Park on wednesday evenings from 7pm and sunday afternoons from 2pm.

The amount of trails for walking, hiking and biking are bound to keep you healthy and in shape!

Downtown Lindsay is known for having one of the widest downtown streets in Ontario, designed to be wide enough to accommodate the turning radius of a four-horse hitch.

Did you know that Lindsay has a BIA? 

Downtown Lindsay 


The Village of Bobcaygeon is a popular tourist destination town in Kawartha Lakes, offering a vibrant mix of shopping, dining and cultural experiences.  Home to the world renowned Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream and Bigley's Shoes and Clothing, a visit to Bobcaygeon is a must when in Kawartha Lakes. 

Arriving by boat?  Pick up a bike from the Bike Share program at Lock 32 and explore the town on two wheels.

Free “Concerts in the Park” at Lock 32 every Thursday evening in July & August!

The Canada/US Walleye Tournament takes place in May, with a weigh-in and outdoors show hosted at the Bobcaygeon-Verulam Community Centre.

During the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June, Bobcaygeon hosts an "Unlock The Summer" Event, as a kick off for summer, and the first opening of the locks of the season.

Bobcaygeon is a trail town along the Trent Severn Waterway and home to Lock 32, the first lock to be constructed and the most visited lock on the historic waterway.

Enjoy free WiFi at the locks courtesy of Cable Cable.

Fenelon Falls

The town of Fenelon Falls offers a little bit of everything with a mix of outdoor activities, rural landscapes, miles of open water, great shopping and dining, and numerous opportunities for exploring arts, culture and heritage.


As you cross the bridge and enter the downtown area of Fenelon Falls, the 3 story property on the corner of Colborne and Water Street was recognized as a prime piece of real estate as far back as 1850 when a Log Tavern was built there by Daniel Comstock.

 The old Log Tavern burned to the ground in 1854 and was replaced by a substantial structure known as The McArthur House Hotel. The structure, built by Joseph McArthur, was one of the first three-story buildings in Fenelon Falls and had accommodations for 50 guests at $1.50 per night.

Fenelon Falls hosted the annual "Ride for Sight" - Motorcyclists Fighting Blindness for a number of years in the early 1990s and again in the late 2000s at the Fenelon FairGrounds, the latest being June 14–16, 2019.

The Fenelon Agricultural Fair is held annually at the Fenelon FairGrounds in mid-August, hosted by the Fenelon Falls Agricultural Society.

The Fenelon Falls Agricultural Society also hosts other events at the fairgrounds annually over the summer months, including a Car Show, Steam Show, Jamboree and Art Festival.


Did you know Fenelon Falls has a nickname? "Jewel of the Kawarthas"


Coboconk, often shortened to Coby, is located on the pristine waters of Balsam Lake. With everything from arts, culture and heritage experiences to paddling and camping at Balsam Lake Provincial Park, this area offers something for every visitor.

Coboconk is situated right where the Gull River meets the northern tip of Balsam Lake. If you’re traveling along the Trent-Severn Waterway, Coboconk is between Fenelon Falls and Kirkfield.

Every year Coboconk hosts the “Freshwater Summit Festival” in late June, a two day festival. What is the “Freshwater Summit”? Coboconk is located on Balsam Lake, the highest point of the Trent-Severn Waterway. Balsam Lake is also the highest body of freshwater in Canada from which you can navigate to all oceans in a seaworthy vessel. In other words, this is Canada’s Freshwater Summit!

Visit the Smallest Jail in Canada! Built in 1884, the jail is currently operated as a craft shop and is open July and August, as well as Victoria Day & Thanksgiving long weekends.

What is it like living in the Kawarthas?

People of all generations are flocking to Kawartha Lakes, and for good reason. From the picturesque natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere, to the vibrant downtowns and busy social calendars of each community, there is a lifestyle for everyone. And still conveniently located within an hour driving distance to the Greater Toronto Area.

Kawartha Lakes is attracting entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and young professionals who are making the switch from big city life. Here they’re finding a world of possibility with a gorgeous natural backdrop. A relaxing place to call home while continuing to advance their careers.

Below are some reasons why your next move should be to the Kawarthas!

1. A Change of Scenery

Are you feeling stuck?

Maybe a change of scenery is exactly what you need.

You may have outgrown that city life. Traffic and transportation is extremely hectic. You don't like all the chaos a bigger city like Toronto has to offer. The wide range of different restaurants and nightclubs just doesn't interest you anymore. You are tired of smelling gas and barely seeing any nature.

You, my friend, are in need of a change of scenery.

In the Kawarthas, the only time there is traffic is on a long weekend in the summer. This is because everyone is going up to their cottages to spend their time. Other than that, the Kawartha Lakes is not overwhelmed by traffic. The chances of you being in a traffic jam are extremely low. Living in the Kawarthas is peaceful and calm. We have a great selection of restaurants, pubs and cafes. Where you will be treated with respect, feel special and might even know your server! The amount of nature that surrounds you when living in the Kawarthas is limitless. Lakes, Parks, Open Spaces, Conservation Areas, Trails and so much more!

The Kawartha Lakes is the place to be!

2. Kind People- Small Town = Small Town People

You would think living in Canada's largest city would be easy to make friends. It is the opposite. People are too busy to have small chats or to meet others.

But on the other hand, in the Kawartha Lakes, we are kind. You will enter a breakfast place, and someone will open the door for you. If you were on a walk with your kids and a boot fell off.. someone will notice and be sure to get your attention. Taking a stroll downtown you are bound to say hello and start a small chat about the nice weather with a local getting some fresh air as well. Most of the communities in Kawartha Lakes would be considered as "small towns", with small towns people tend to be more community-minded.

Big cities can be very lonely places, whereas the intimacy of a small town fosters connection.

Who wants to be lonely? Move to a location where friendships are easier to make and maintain.

The Kawartha Lakes is calling you to become a "small town person". 

3. The Community- The Resources

Maybe it is easier to build relationships in small towns because the community is so caring. A community and how involved they are, is pretty important and could impact the quality of life you are living. In the Kawarthas Lakes we have plenty of resources. We have food banks, pregnancy centers, women resources, housing support, employment support and so much more. For most of these places, volunteers are needed. People in the Kawarthas just want to help the people in need, we are kind and helpful. Most of the people at our fairs, community events or programs are not getting paid to be there but get satisfaction from helping people in need. Why wouldn't you want to join our community!

The community cares about you.


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